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Esy ID is one link that contains all your social media links. So you don’t need to share and keep track of all the links. Just share all your details easily from your Esy ID.

Who can get Esy ID?

Esy ID is provided for Authors, Artists, Movies, Books, Songs, Albums as well as Brands. It is the only platform that connects all entertainment entities in one place. Check out the sample page for each category. These Esy ID pages are SEO-friendly and are ranked higher in Google searches.

Esy Profile Types & Cost

Profile TypePerson/Entity (INR)Product (INR)
CustomContact for quotationContact for quotation
Esy ID Types & Cost

Maintenance Charges

1-9 Esy Pages: 1000 INR/Year I 10-19 Esy pages: 2000 INR/year I 20 – 29 Esy Pages: 3000 INR/Year I 30 – 39 Esy Pages: 4000 INR/Year I 40 + Esy Pages: 5000 INR/Year

How to get Esy ID?

Esy ID pages are verified by real persons to provide accurate information on the Web. Currently, Esy ID pages are INVITE ONLY. Kindly submit your details in the form below. Make sure to share your sample links in the form. You will be contacted by the team.